Who exactly are we?

What is our story?

Started by a Yale School of Music graduate in 2013, Fermata Designs is a website design and development firm that is focused on creating beautiful websites for today's classical musician. Musicians should not have to struggle with the expense or challenges assosiated with having their artistry displayed on the web. Fermata is all about serving the people. With low cost, high quality website development and design services aimed at providing a no compromise solution. Fermata is paving the way into a new era of website design.

Why should you pick us to design your website?

In the competitive world of professional music it is of the utmost importance to have a web presence that intrigues, inspires, and generates interest in you as a performer. A website from Fermata will ensure that you will be able to showcase yourself and your music to the world in a polished, professional, and most importantly personal format.

There are dozens of free website solutions on the internet, and none of the offer what Fermata can. Flexibility. At Fermata we will work hard to ensure your website exceeds your expectations. No compromises, no annyoning ads, only great websites at great prices.

What do our clients say?

Katrin Endrikat

classical guitarist

"Fermata is a fantastic web design service that I strongly recommend! I was amazed that all of my crazy ideas and special requests were added to the project exactly as I had envisioned. John helped me find what I was looking for in a website and demonstrated several samples for me to choose from at the beginning. He is great to work with and I'm so happy about my new website! I'm sure he'll make many more impressive websites in the future!! Thanks again, John! "

Paul Neebe

american trumpeter

"Working with Fermata Designs has been a dream come true! After the difficulties of my first website I never wanted to go through that again because it took several weeks and there were still problems that I had to personally fix.

John with Fermata Designs is just the opposite. What takes other people weeks, John can do in days and sometimes even hours. He is lightning fast! Whenever I have a problem, suggestion or concern, John always says, “no problem, I can fix that." I rarely ever recommend someone’s services, but I do not hesitate to give Fermata Designs my highest unwavering recommendation. You will be overjoyed if you choose his services."